Duolingo’s Collaborative Learning Idea: UT Report.

Home of Duolingo app. Source: Duolingo.
Duolingo homepage. Source: Duolingo.

Disclaimer: This is a more detailed article about UT which the main topic is also discussed in another Medium post. Check it out here.


This usability testing is conducted to measure the prototype performance to a small amount users.


  1. Gain feedback from users about the idea.
  2. Measure the familiarity and usability of the new idea.


Moderated UT on an online platform. It shadows the user while interacting with the prototype. By doing this, I am able to ask them to speak loud their thoughts in real-time. And it allows me to ask any question related to their new experience and gain more deep answers instead of just letting them try it alone and deliver the online form.

Also at the end of UT, I ask them to fill the SUS questions that contain important questions such as ease of use, similarity, design, etc.


  • Indonesian citizen.
  • Have ever used/been an active user of Duolingo.
  • Age > 12.


The UT is held by a few rules:

Scenario: Imagine you are a Duolingo user. Today, you want to learn Indonesian with others and gain double XP by challenging them.

Task: Please demonstrate your way of finishing the game by picking the proper answer, choosing “Kucing” when you have to draw, and choosing “Gorila” when you have to voice.

Access the prototype here.


There are no average time metrics because the goal is to gain feedback and measure the design, there are many adjustments to the result. Another reason is that the concept is the learning app and the goal is to gain correct answers, not a race of quick answering. I used success rate and SUS questions that measure overall design.

Success Rate

All of the users can accomplish the task well. They got the scenario well. There is no cancel request while testing it. But, there are a few unique minor feedback:

  • The design is similar to the existing one. It is a strange feeling when interacting with it, but I think it is just a common expression when trying a new feature. I just need to learn the new one.
  • The new feature is part of the Challenge feature, which is not located on the homepage. I need to find the Challenge feature first before trying it.

SUS Result

SUS Result
The result is awesome.

Based on the test and SUS results, all of them are able to accomplish the task well. Because the proposed design tries to be similar to the existing app. The goal is to add a new feature and a new experience, not to create a new app with a Duolingo identity. Other good reviews are:

  1. The little details, such as shadows, are like the existing app.
  2. After answering, the Duo also celebrates users.
  3. Easy-to-learn flow.
  4. Provide a tutorial screen before the game starts.

Of course, there is some feedback from the testing:

  1. There is no clear rank and point after answering.
  2. There is no clear difference between selecting users and inviting them to play.

Iteration Improvement

Iteration 1
First iteration.
Iteration 2
Second iteration.

Thank you.



UX Writer at Bank Mandiri | Draw the line.

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